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Find a wide range of pet medications and supplies at Sarasota Apothecary. We offer quality products for dogs, cats, and other pets, including prescriptions, over-the-counter treatments, and essential supplies.

Pet Medications & Supplies - Sarasota Apothecary

Pet Medications & Supplies: Quality Care for Your Furry Friends

We are proud to offer Pet Care including supplies, medications, and compounding. The practice of compounding is becoming a popular solution to veterinary problems. Your pharmacist can provide specialized prescription services to veterinarians in the treatment of almost all animals. Exotic pets, horses, dogs, cats and zoo animals may all require medication at some point and our pharmacists can assist veterinarians in offering dosages that are patient-specific in strength and formulation.

Compounding can also make medicating animals easier, as the medications can be prepared in the form of flavored chews or capsules that animals accept readily. When you have a need for compounded medication, trust us to provide the appropriate medication in the form, dosage and formula of ingredients that’s right for you.